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Greyflood Advisors
Innovation Centre Medway, Maidstone Road, Chatham, United Kingdom
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Greyflood Advisors is a specialist lifestyle Security Consultancy. Our safety strategies enable high net worth individuals and their families, who confront risk of disruption and threat at levels higher threats than usual, continue with their professional and private lives unhindered.
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BENEFITS TO CLIENTS. Greyflood Advisors has provided bespoke personalised security services for some of the world's highest profile individuals, their families and organisations. This has been achieved by placing them at the centre of the security and resilience layering and designing safety exclusively around their working and private lifestyle, rather than requiring them to adapt to products, systems or procedures. 

BENEFITS TO OTHER SECURITY ORGANISATIONS. Greyflood Advisors is unaffiliated and independent but as trusted advisors will delivers solutions that expand the business of security organisations.

Examples of recent work include;

  • OPERATIONAL SERVICES. During periods of high terrorist threat in London, the provision of personal protection, secure driver, residential security and concierge services by qualified, insured and experienced staff permitted several HNW owner-founders of US internet service provider organisations feel confident to visit the UK;
  • REPRESENTING SECURITY COMPANIES IN CLIENT SECURITY DESIGN. For an owner-founder of a US global high profile orgnaisation a personal safety strategy was prepared that reflected the aesthetics of a modern US hi-tech organisation based in Silicon Valley. The outcome was to win acceptance by the client and expand global business for a leading US security company;
  • REPRESENTING CLIENT INTERESTS TO GOVERNMENT. the protection needs of a global public figure (a Nobel Prize Winner and a victim of terrorism) were represented to HM Government Department to persuade them to enhance their support;
  • USING SECURITY CLEARED SPECIALIST CONTRACTORS. To upgrade the security resilience for several London properties owned by high net worth individuals, specialist contractors cleared to secure Roayl and Ministerial homes were utilised ensuring police responses to alarm activiations;
  • SECURING PERSONAL DIGITAL NETWORKS. Next-generation cyber defences were applied to protect a principal's communications against hostile phishing attacks. Our cyber protection m irros our close protection - it is bespoke to individuals when they are away from the corporate security bubble;
  • DELIVERY OF HOSTILE RECONNAISSANCE SURVEILLANCE TEAMS benefited a high profile global social media organisation during periods of threat to its London office and staff; 
  • SECURING INSPECTION VISITS BY PHILANTHROPISTS benefited donors undertaking visits to sub-saharan, high risk countries by high profile figures. visiting safely enablied them to support the social, welfare and health aims of their philanthropy; 
  • SECURE SITE LOCATION a large US fin-tech organisation benefited from a comparative security risk assessment of 2 cities to assist them decide where to locate their expanding business;
  • THREAT SOURCE INVESTIGATION benefited a high net worth family member who was recieveing hostile text communicartions. Accessing web search tools and analytics, enabled an appropriate risk mitigation strategy to be implemented; 
  • SECURITY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT IN NEW MARKETS. The preparation, costing, resourcing and presentation of security plans benefited a UK security company who won contracts to protect corporate sponsors attending the Pyongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea and 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.



Greyflood Advisors brings a crucial defference to personal security.

Whether the requirement is for direct operartional services, planning or consultancy - we ground resilience solutions in UK security doctrines, standards and frameworks but then take care to profile our response to ensure maximum risk mitigation with the minimum obtrusion. Light-touch solutions that meld security with the aesthetics of modern lifestyles is important to clients who need protection but wish it to add to and complement rather than interfere or disrupt their professional or personal lives.      






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Building / Site Security Planning, Corporate Security / Management Advice, Information and IT Security, National & International Development & Capacity Building, Security Audits and Reviews, Security Operations (personnel, policies, procedures etc.), Threat and Risk Assessment, VIP / High Net Worth Individuals Personal Security Advice