Donna Bullock

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Last Visit: Tuesday, 25 January 2022
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Acanthurus Ltd
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Risk management shouldn't be about spreadsheets and ticking boxes. Its about engaging people!

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An expert in security risk management, Donna has over 30 years experience in law enforcement and in diverse operational and strategic roles across multiple business sectors.  Success in all of those roles depended on woring in partnership and building productive relationships with a wide range of people, often having conflicting objectives.  

As well as helping private clients - both individuals and businesses - to protect their assets, we work with the insurance industry to provide valuable insights into the riks that they underwrite.

Acanthurus provides security and risk consultancy principally across the following areas:

  • Luxury Jewelery Houses, Manufacturers and Wholesalers
  • Luxury retail and branded goods
  • Fine art - Museums, Galleries, Shipping and Storage
  • Auction Houses
  • Safe deposit facilities
  • Banks and large pawnbrokers
  • Bonded Storage facilities
  • Private UHNW clients

Donna is also a Consultant security Advisor to the Arts Council England working in support of he National Security Advisor to conduct security and risk assessments of cultural institutions intending to use the Government Indemnity Scheme (GIS) for loans or to borrow objects from National Collections. 



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Building / Site Security Planning, Corporate Security / Management Advice, Event Security Management /Advice, Security Audits and Reviews, Security Management Advice / Recruitment, Security Strategy & Policy, Security Operations (personnel, policies, procedures etc.), VIP / High Net Worth Individuals Personal Security Advice