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Member since: Thursday, 17 March 2016
Last Visit: Monday, 18 October 2021
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Crisec Consultants Ltd.
160 Ship Lane, Farnborough, United Kingdom
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Over 27 years of police experience, much at senior level; 13 recent years across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey corporate and consultancy. Specialist in security vulnerability assessments; logistics security; security management; fraud control; investigations, security training and critical incident management including crisis planning and business recovery planning.
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Crisec Consultants Ltd. was established in early 2011 as Crisec Consultants WLL in the Kingdom of Bahrain where the company earned a reputation across the Middle East for delivering first class consultancy assistance to clients in three key areas - Security Management, Critical Incident Consultancy and Therapeutic Services.  On returning to the U.K. in March 2017 the Crisec Consultants Ltd. was established.  The company has proven expertise in the following areas: -

  • Security Vulnerability Assessment - leading to comprehensive SVA reports and recommendations of physical, technical and procedural measures to mitigate risk
  • Security audits
  • Geopolitical analysis of security threats
  • Drafting of security policies and procedures
  • Fraud prevention controls
  • Hostile environment awareness training
  • Staff and security officer training
  • Investigations
  • The provision of critical incident management assistance to help clients prevent; prepare for; train and test crisis plans; to manage a crisis in real time; and to recover as soon as possible by providing Business Continuity Planning and therapeutic assistance when required.

Managing Director and owner Paul Gorman R.I.S.C.; C.P.P., M.A., F.I.C.P.E.M. is the principal security and critical incident management consultant.  His in-depth security and critical incidents knowledge and expertise owes much to his highly successful and varied 27 years-long career with the U.K. Police Service and subsequent directorships with Deutsche Post DHL across the Middle East and in his consultancy since 2003.

While a senior police officer Paul undertook consultancy projects on behalf of the British Government in India, Barbados and Indonesia.  Some of his clients as an independent security consultant are given below: -

  • Eurotechnology Group - retained consultant for all security matters in the Middle East and Europe including executive protection, safe journey management, due diligence and confidential enquiries into very complex criminal and civil matters;
  • DHL Global Forwarding - providing the single point of contact between the company and major hi-tech customers on matters of theft, pilferage and loss prevention globally;
  • Hercules Offshore Arabia - provision of weekly intelligence reports for five years covering Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and assistance with extraction and emergency plans and Security Vulnerability Assessments;
  • Yateem Oxygen, Bahrain - Security Vulnerability Assessment of various commercial and medical gas plants in the light of domestic terrorism;
  • Saudi International Petrochemical Company - Security Vulnerability Assessment of the company's multi-storey headquarters in Al-Khobar and follow up;
  • Marden Mining, Saudi Arabia - sub-contracted to provide a comprehensive Crisis Management plan for the company's top management team;
  • DHL-Danzas, Bahrain - provided expatriate extraction plan in the event of serious unrest and drafted a comprehensibe business continuity plan.

Paul has also worked with major firms of lawyers in London, Aberdeen and Bahrain on complex civil and criminal legal cases.

As well as being a Registered Independent Security Consultant Paul is also a Founding Fellow of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management; a Certified Protection Professional; a Certified Fraud Investigator; a trained Anti-Terrorist Officer and former vice-chair of the Overseas Security Advisory Council of Bahrain.

Crisec Consultants Ltd. is committed to the highest ethical standards and complies with the relevant codes of professional behaviour of the professional bodies to which its consultants belong.


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Building / Site Security Planning, Corporate Security / Management Advice, Crisis Management Planning / Response, Fraud Awareness / Detection, Security Audits and Reviews, Security Operations (personnel, policies, procedures etc.), Threat and Risk Assessment, VIP / High Net Worth Individuals Personal Security Advice