Stephen Unwin

Member since: Wednesday, 25 July 2018
Last Visit: Monday, 16 August 2021
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Pellego Security Risk Consulting Ltd
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A resourceful, authoritative and highly experienced security professional, with physical / technical security expertise acquired during over a 20 year career. Enjoys managing, training and developing successful teams, and possesses excellent interpersonal, communication and relationship building skills. Able to manage multiple projects simultaneously with a focus on achieving results
Consulting Experience

Conducted in depth security reviews and analysis producing highly detailed professional reports and documentation for all types of businesses and organisations ranging from small food companies to international defence and aerospace manufactures.

Authored and delivered security, hostile reconnaissance and terrorism awareness training courses for organisations such as, international banking organisations, CNI power generators and global petrochemical distribution companies.

Co-authored and delivered a successful Security Management Diploma qualification accredited by Middlesex University which was nominated for the 2012 Security Excellence Award for innovation and training

Produced detailed risk management strategy and policy documents for a Non Departmental Government Department.

Established and provided a customer focused one stop security consultancy service to all stakeholders internally and externally to the business.

Awarded the Certificate in Terrorism studies from St Andrews University in 2012. I have to say it was one of the most interesting subjects I have studied for a long time and kept my attention throughout the course.