Alexandru Vladutoiu

Member since: Monday, 04 December 2017
Last Visit: Tuesday, 22 October 2019
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FM 2103
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30 Virgiliu Street, 010881 Bucharest, Romania
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Senior Technical Consultant, Solutions Architect, Bid Engineer - Security, IT&C, ITS
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Experienced technical consultant, solutions architect and bid engineering within: 
- Security & Intelligence 
- Telecommunications 
- Intelligent Transportation Solutions
applied to Transportation (Railway), Financial, Oil & Gas, R&D, Utilities, Critical Infrastructures, Retail, BPO, Municipalities, Public Transport and more.

The role as a STC is to support organizations on the complete life-cycle of a project, covering from the idea/concept phase to the operating stage.

Competences & skills on:
- BID process support (understanding beneficiary's requirements, designing solution architecture, elaborating offer's documentation - tender's compliance, technical description, datasheets, drawings etc.
- TENDER process support
- PROJECT implementation support 
- PRESALES support
- Technical assistance raised on request (solitary demands)
- Asses & design solutions architecture
- Solutions implementation & programming support
- Trainings

Consultancy and technical support services include but are not limited to:
- helping business owners to define their operational needs and their role within the organization considering inter dependencies with the other departments involved in the business process
- identifying the most suitable architecture of the solution that best matches the necessities of the client's operational needs 
- designing and defining the technical requirements
- elaborating tender documentation
- support on defining the evaluation criteria for potential bidders
- able to assist client during the tender process (e.g. clarifications to bidders, technical evaluation of proposals)
- advise internal stakeholders during the project's implementation process including acceptance
- in production tweaks (post acceptance / live operation)


Bid engineering, Solutions architecture design, IoT, Safe City, Smart City, PSIM Platforms, Integrated Security Systems, Custom Integrations & development, IP Video & VBI, Video Management Software, PACS, PIAM, IAM, BMS, LPR / ANPR, Fire Detection, Communication Intelligence & Investigative Solutions, Virtualization); Workforce Management, Call Recording, Quality Monitoring, IVR Platforms, VAS Platforms, Call Billing Systems, IP Telephony, Speech Synthesis Systems, Headsets, Digital Signage, Passenger Infotainment Systems, Mobile (On-board) CCTV, People/Passenger Counting, Ticket Validating Systems, eTicketing, Parking Systems & Management, Telecom Towers & Sites Infrastructure, Wireless Networks, SDH, PDH, IP/MPLS, Railway Security, PIS/PAS, Level Crossing Detection, Tunnels security, Industrial networking and transmission solutions


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Access Control Systems, CCTV, Information and IT Security, Project Management, Security Audits and Reviews, Security Systems Design and Technology, Security Systems Evaluation, Audit and Assessment, Tender Specifications and Management