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Dobson Owens Security Consultants
urham, Durham, UK
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Skilled in physical security, security survey, risk analysis, policy, procedure and planning, I aim to make security consultancy affordable and accessible to all organisations regardless of size.
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I have over 20 years experience in the security inductry from operational deployment in high risk environments to senior, strategic management of large organisations and multi-millon pound CAPEX and OPEX budgets. 

I have worked with educational organisations, including private schools and universities, as well as utilities companies, church diocese and manned guarding companies. As a company we work with a broad range of client and we are committed to providing accessible and cost effective consultancy services to all types of orgnaisations regardless of size.  

My specialities are site survey and risk analysis. I have completed surveys on large multi-building organisations to quite small operations and multitenant buildings. My services are different other consultants because I not only look at the physical vulnerabilities at an organistaion, but also the procedural and cultural elements. These are similarly important in building a cohesive and effective security solution. As such, I can also support with policy and procedural development as well a communication strategy to ensure awareness. All surveys come with a comprehensive Executive  Report that includes relevant advisories, recommendations and security planning guidnace.

I am also skilled in the development of Operational Requirements/system design, particularly for access management, building intruder detection systems and CCTV. I create these with the client in mind to ensure they are porportionate and managable from a resourcing perspective. I am happy to work with any contractor or organisation to assist in developing a design specification and/or associated documentation for a tender or bidding exercise. Where client representation is required, I will complete robustly with the best interests of the company in mind offering guidace ande expertise at all stages of a project. 

I have also worked with manned guarding companies and assisted them in the development of standing orders, procedures, site instructions as well as tender specifications and transitioning on successful bidding for contracts.

I currently offer mentor services to students at the International Security Management Institute in managing the security function, building protection, CCTV, access management, IT security and the proetection of at-risk personnel. I finsihed in the top 5% to ever complete the Level 6 CSMP programme. 


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Building / Site Security Planning, Manned Guarding Security Assessments / Evaluation, Security Audits and Reviews, Security Strategy & Policy, Security Systems Evaluation, Audit and Assessment, Security Operations (personnel, policies, procedures etc.), Tender Specifications and Management, Threat and Risk Assessment