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HFM 2001
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RFMSolutions Ltd
Main Road, Knockholt TN14 7LD, United Kingdom
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Justice of the Peace (JP), Chartered Security Professional (CSyP); Director of The Security Institute; Board Certified in Security Management (Registry No. 12119), Fellow Security Institute (FsyI), Register Independent Security Consultants (RISC), S.A.C. Diploma (Security Management) S.A.C. Diploma (Distinction) (Project Management)
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'Work smarter, work smoother, integrate your business strategies, and share the common drive of increased bottom line delivery and ROI.' This is the mantra of modern business. But how do security solutions align with this? Assisting in identifying the business needs (including risk and threat analysis); taking account of cultural and different geographical challenges and being mindful of business restrictions; turning that need into a robust beneficial business case; and then further assisting with the implementation to completion, (applications selection; vendor selection; high level Project Management involvement; the often forgotten Process and Procedures; Commissioning, etc) are what RFMSolutions do best. Traditionally, security solutions are regarded as essential, non-productive budget usurpers. They are a strain on the bottom line rather than an attribute to it. At RFMSolutions, we believe that your security solutions should be integral with the other key drivers of your business. Be an asset to the bottom line rather than a drain on it. So when we talk to our clients about security, we not only ensure that we demonstrate the innovative, objective robustness of our security solutions, we also talk about how they are integrated with other business functions to deliver return on investment and enhancement to the company's bottom line. Companies recognise the cost and efficiency benefits of integration; a concept that best matches your business, not only encompassing the obvious, but the entire breadth of company processes and procedures. From oilfield to palace, office to conference centre, RFMSolutions have the global reach, and the experience to make your security requirements contribute to the wellbeing of your organisational profitability and efficiency. Personal Details A Security Adviser with 40 years' experience in manufacturing; service and building sectors (Shell International) prior to becoming an Independent Adviser. Extensive Project and Budget responsibility, coupled with a sound Facilities Management and I.T. background. Bob has strong strategic and operational experience on a worldwide scale, with the ability to establish and maintain excellent relationships. Bob possesses a broad and deep management experience portfolio. Contact Details Bob Martin - Bob.Martin@RFMSolutions.co.uk  +447913 335315

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Access Control Systems, Building / Site Security Planning, Manned Guarding Security Assessments / Evaluation, Pre-Employment Screening, Project Management, Security Audits and Reviews, Security Systems Evaluation, Audit and Assessment, Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (TCSM)