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Member since: Wednesday, 22 November 2017
Last Visit: Monday, 01 November 2021
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Colin Morgan Consulting Ltd
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Colin Morgan Consulting is a company offering excellent, honest and straightforward advice and services to organisations, groups and individuals who are at risk from crime (including terrorism), disorder, direct action and anti-social behaviour. Offering a range of services, Colin Morgan Consulting is the first choice for organisations large and small.
Consulting Experience

Colin Morgan Consulting is able to offer advice, support, planning and training to organisations large or small  who are at risk of being impacted by crime, disorder, ASB or terrorism. Services which Colin Morgan Consulting are able to provide include:


  • Working with Councils, Housing Associations and other Community Safety Partners to design and deliver problem solving of crime-related issues or developing long term multi-agency strategies to counter criminality which impacts on local communities
  • Supporting owners of licensed premises or Designated Premises Supervisors seeking support to deal with crime and disorder inside or around their premises to assist licensing applications and reviews
  • Working with organisers of music festivals to review security and develop multi agency security and safety regimes to deal with crime and security risks at their events 
  • Engaging communities around licensed premises or other mass gatherings to reduce community concern and support problem solving of criminality in the area
  • Working with sporting stadia to develop long-term security and crime strategies and to review Special Police Services arrangements with the local police 
  • Working with companies to reduce the risk of crime impacting on their business and on their staff, including advising organisations and building owners who are subject to ongoing protest and direct action by single issue groups, on building security, staff security, risk reduction and protestor engagement
  • Assisting policing organisations to develop engagement approaches to protest and the use of police liaison teams to reduce conflict and the use of force 
  • Facilitating Post-incident reviews of major incidents impacting on business continuity and making recommendations to avoid a recurrence
  • Delivering training for policing and security organisations in relation to the use of Liaison Teams, dialogue and engagement to reduce conflict
  • Designing and facilitating contingency exercises and table-top scenario testing to test plans and prepare for major/critical events as part of business continuity planning
  • Training for managers in relation to leadership and decision making in critical situations, including record keeping and post event scrutiny
  • Investigation of internal grievances and/or misconduct
  • Media interviews and expert opinion on policing, crime, disorder, public events, Royal events and security issues
  • Public speaker on policing, disorder, policing of protest, dialogue and engagement, VIP security and security at sporting events