Kevin Andrews

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BA (Hons), CSyP, MRSES
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Oakhurst Road, West Moors, Ferndown BH22 0DS, UK
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I hold a bachelor’s degree in Security Consultancy and have achieved a Chartered Security Professional accreditation with the Security Institute. I have obtained Specialist Security Advisor status for Electronic Security with the UK Government’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) sponsored Register of Security Engineers and Specialists (RSES).
Consulting Experience

I have over thirty years’ experience within the security industry, including periods within the commercial electronic security industry and security design consultancy. Prior to civilian employment I served for thirteen years within the Corps of Royal Engineers, undertaking combat engineering and force protection engineering duties.

  • Produce Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (TVRA).
  • Undertake technical and physical security compliance audits.
  • Develop security strategies and Operational Requirements (OR).
  • Provide design consultancy and security option studies.
  • Develop client technical and physical performance/functionality requirement documents.
  • Undertake Duties of Client-Side Advisor (CSE) and Subject Matter Expert (SME).
  • Produce physical security conceptual designs.
  • Technical security tender appraisals.
  • Physical security design and installation auditing.
  • Undertake physical security technical witnessing.

In my current role my area of expertise is in the utilization and application of physical security measures against terrorist and manual intrusion threats to various Critical National Infrastructure facilities, VIP residences and Government Buildings.

Advisory services I deliver includes the provision of research-based, physical security design consultancy that enables the setting of priorities, and compliance with United Kingdom governmental security advisor policy documentation.

UNESCO World Heritage Iconic Building

Role: Security Design Consultant

Working on a prestigious central London security project for improvements to an iconic building and wider estate that includes new perimeter boundary fence, vehicle interlock and security search facilities. Works included authoring Level 2 Operational Requirements, RIBA stage 2 and 3 design Performance Specification documents and support to the lead architect in respect of security features requiring consents.

Required to co-ordinate security requirements and designs with estate security department and Metropolitan Police.

Video Surveillance and Access Control Project – UNESCO World Heritage Iconic Building

Role: Security Design Consultant

Lead Security Consultant appointed to develop an outline design for the upgrade of Electronic Access Control and Video Surveillance Systems throughout the building. Full surveys of all areas of the Palace were undertaken, supporting drawings and report were provided identifying zone utilization which enabled the indication as to the level of upgrade required to enhance security within public access areas and zonal boundaries.

Debating Chamber Relocation Option Study

Role: Security Design Consultant

Undertook a structured survey that identified potential firing points for improvised In-direct weapons and mortars. The research-based report output considered ability to obtain, ability to manufacture, and to provide recommendations for increasing security surveillance and patrolling.

Ministry of Justice

Role: Security Design Consultant

Developed a previous Level 1 Operational Requirement into a concept design for upgrade works to the existing electronic security and physical enhancements within the facility. Works included the production of design specification and associated drawing development.

Decentralized Government Buildings

Role: Security Design Consultant

Responsible for the interpretation and formulation of the strategic concepts and ensured the development of the proposed security strategies and conceptual designs were aligned against the organization’s security requirements. Generation of reports and documents that enable strategic execution, including the production of bills of quantities and provided the projections of financial costs of the security elements of the project.

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Access Control Systems, CCTV, Security Audits and Reviews, Security Strategy & Policy, Security Systems Evaluation, Audit and Assessment, Tender Specifications and Management, Terrorism / Counter Terrorism, Threat and Risk Assessment