Pantelis Angelides

Member since: Tuesday, 21 February 2017
Last Visit: Sunday, 21 February 2021
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QuadPrime Cyprus Ltd
Nicosia, Cyprus
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Pantelis Angelides is principal consultant at QuadPrime, a boutique consulting agency that provides Risk Management and Business Resilience services in Cyprus and abroad. Conscientious, highly skilled and well rounded professional with long experience gained as consultant and leader, he has the ability to add value in every assignment trusted with.
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Mr Angelides has profound expertise and experience in Risk Management and Business Resilience as Consultant and leader within Consulting and Commercial multinational firms. Specifically, he identifies, manages, mitigates and monitors operational risks, security threats and vulnerabilities and provides suport in clients projects entailing strategic and operational expertise in setting up an effective risk management framework and develop a risk culture. He has undertaken a number of security reviews in commercial, educational, healthcare, telecoms and utility organisations using a robust methodology, report and presentation which is helpful for both security non security executives. Using prior experience in the field of Information Security and Data protection, Mr. Angelides has been certified as a Data Protection Officer according to the EU GDPR Regulation and provides privacy and data protection services to organisations looking to implement a privacy management programme towards GDPR compliance.

 Earlier in his career as a Management Consultant, Mr. Angelides supported clients in the development, implementation and audit of management systems in the field of Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety in Cyprus and abroad. He had a long service with one of the leading multinational tobacco companies in Cyprus, serving in various management and top management positions. His main role involved the  management of the Risk, Security and Health & Safety function of the Company as well as the Corporate and Regulatory Affairs. At this role Mr. Angelides, provided expert advice on risk management relating to corporate risks, Health, Safety and security of personnel, company’s assets, supply chain and information through threat assessments, development of response and continuity plans, intelligence and training.


Mr Angelides, holds a BEng (Hons) Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Quality and Environmental Management. He is approved by the Cyprus Labour Chief Inspection Office to provide Occupational Health & Safety services and is a Certified Vocational Trainer (Level 3) by the Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA). He is member of the Institute of Risk Management Institute (IRM), member of the Security Institute, and full member  of ASC, UK.

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Building / Site Security Planning, Corporate Security / Management Advice, Crisis Management Planning / Response, Information and IT Security, Security Audits and Reviews, Security Systems Evaluation, Audit and Assessment, Threat and Risk Assessment, Training