Steve Beels

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Auxilia Investigations
London, UK
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Delivering professional investigations for corporate and private clients.
Establishing the truth about people and organisations, thereby providing clients with clarity for critical decision-making.
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Stephen is an award winning security consultant, trainer and investigator. He was a winner of the 2019 UK Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPA) in the 'Outstanding Security Training Initiative' category (for his work training anti-poaching wildlife rangers in Tanzania), in addition to winning the 'Outstanding Investigator' and 'Outstanding Security Consultant' categories at the 2017 OSPAs (as a core member of the 'Praemunitus' Somaliland police advisory, capacity-building and development training team). 

Building upon a thirty-year career as a highly vetted Scotland Yard detective engaged in conducting serious crime investigations and investigative interviewing training, Stephen now delivers professional, personal and bespoke training in investigations and intelligence gathering for valued clients. Stephen also assists clients who are often operating in an opaque business environment to achieve clarity and integrity in their strategic planning and business relationships. 

As a former board-elected Director of the Association of Security Consultants (ASC), the pre-eminent professional organisation for independent security consultants, Stephen believes in delivering the highest professional and business standards in security consultancy. 

Stephen is also passionate about improving policing and investigation standards around the world, believing an effective and ethical criminal justice system brings security and freedom to all. For several years he was an Advisor and Trainer on a policing reform and development programme in the Horn of Africa. More recently, Stephen has been delivering investigation, first responder and crime scene training to  wildlife rangers in Tanzania.


- Training

- Investigation 

- Intelligence management 

- Reputation due diligence

- Background investigations 

- International police capacity-building

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Fraud Awareness / Detection, Investigations, National & International Development & Capacity Building, Pre-Employment Screening, Threat and Risk Assessment, Training